I have always had a passion for photography, right from an early age and often found myself looking at an image that inspired me and saying to myself, “I wish I’d taken that… or how have they captured that moment in time” and it’s that same drive that keeps me capturing images today!

My love for the great outdoors began when I bought my first car and started visiting all the places that I’d seen in photography books and magazines over the years, studying the work of respected landscape and nature photographers. This was time well spent and has helped in developing my own vision and style within the media of photography. The natural light at dawn and dusk is when its most magical and that's when I like to be out in the landscape.

I'm currently involved in a project to visually document the passing seasons in a typical english woodland, you can find these images in the new 'Project' gallery. You can follow me on Instagram by clicking here.

If you like any of the images and would like to use it for editorial purposes or would like a print or canvas to hang in your home, then please e-mail us using the contact page and we’ll provide you with the necessary pricing information.

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