I have always had a passion for photography, right from an early age and often found myself looking at an image that inspired me and saying to myself, “I wish I’d taken that… or how have they captured that moment in time” and it’s that same drive that keeps me capturing images today!

I began with black and white film photography many years ago…. probably more years than I care to remember, shooting, developing and printing my own images. I now shoot exclusively digitally, much preferring the cleaner, less smelly environment. However I still use the skills and techniques that I learnt shooting film about getting the image right in camera, much preferring to spend time out in landscape, rather than sat in front of computer.

I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors and walking, so combining that with my passion for photography, it was a natural progression that I would end up shooting the landscape at dawn and dusk when the light is at its best.

I don't think that technical perfection should be an all-consuming concern, and neither should be producing an accurate pictorial record of a location. For me photography is all about mood, emotion and enthralling the viewer.

In the gallery, you’ll find images in both colour and monochrome of the landscape that have caught my photographic eye and have been captured purely for pleasure.

If you like any of the images and would like to use it for editorial purposes or would like a print or canvas to hang in your home, then please e-mail us using the contact page and we’ll provide you with the necessary pricing information.